Responsibilities of the Treasurer

Responsibilities of the Treasurer

County treasurers, who are elected to four-year terms, serve as the county banker, safe keeper of all taxes and investor of local funds. The responsibilities of county treasurer include:

  • Collection of local taxes, particularly the real property and personal taxes. They are also responsible for taxes on manufactured homes, inheritance, hotel-motel and special assessments.
  • Safekeeping of taxes collected in taxing districts such as schools, cities, townships and villages
  • Preparations of financial statements of deposits submitted to the County Auditor
  • Investment of undisbursed funds to earn revenue for the general operating fund.
  • To advance tax revenue to taxing municipalities such as cities, school districts, and libraries.
  • Arrange prepayment plans and delinquent payment plans for taxpayers as determined by Ohio law.
  • Approval of spending levels for schools, cities and townships